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As part of our topic 'Whoever you are, Wherever you are' we are going to learn about different countries and places around the world. 


Please spend time this week learning about a different country. It might be somewhere you have visited, were planning on visiting or a place where family or friends live.


You might like to find out about: 


  • where the country is on the map of the world

  • what the weather is like

  • what language is spoken

  • what the national anthem and flag are

  • if there are any special, famous buildings and landmarks

  • what food is enjoyed


You might like to draw a picture, write some facts, make a poster, record a video or take some photos of you enjoying some activities linked to your chosen country.


I would love to see what you have found out. If you send your work to me then I can try to share with the rest of the class. We can then help each other to go all around the world and learn about different places.