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Sycamore Class have been looking at the technique of decorating cloth using wax and dye known as Batik.  We replaced the hot wax with glue and the dye with acrylic paints to enable us to replicate the process.  The children created individual designs after exploring Batik work. They then transferred their designs onto fabric. Glue was placed on top of the fabric following their patterns and left to dry.  Once dry, the fabric was painted and again left to dry.  The glue was removed by washing the fabric in warm water.


Sycamore have also been exploring different techniques and textures to create 3D Art.  We chose a flower theme as it is the summer term!  The children studied different flower classifications, forms and colours and then designed their own on paper.  We then chose wire and tissue paper to create a 3D representation.  We used gardening wire to template the skeleton of the flower, securing the structure by twisting the wire tightly in the centre. Coloured tissue paper was used and soaked in a mixture of water and glue to entirely cover the wire frame.  This was then left for several days to completely dry out.

Once dry, the children used acrylic paints to transfer their original flower ideas onto the petals.  The petals could then be gently moulded into a realistic flower shape, replicating the original design.