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I know that we are all missing eachother lots at the moment and that home learning can be tricky. 


This week we have 2 activities to enjoy. One activity will help us to think about friendship. The other activity is about positive thinking and remembering how AMAZING you are. 


1. Watch the story 'Mabel and Me Best of Friends' by following the link to  the video centre page. The story is all about being good friends.


  • What made Mabel and Me good friends to each other? 

  • Who are your good friends? 

  • Do we have to have one best friend or can we have lots of good friends? 


2. Make an 'I am AMAZING jar'. Find an empty container that is special to you and decorate it carefully.


Think of 3 things that make you special. You might think of talents, qualities or things that are special about you. Write each thought on a small piece of paper (or draw a small picture) and add it to your 'I am AMAZING jar'.


Keep adding to your jar over the weeks as you think of new things. Your family might add their own thoughts about how special and amazing you are too! 


How does it feel to think of/ hear nice things about yourself?