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Parents you will need to prepare part of this activity without the children around. Please find 2 apples. Drop 1 of the apples on the floor a few times so that it brusies inside. Keep the other apple safe. 

This week we are going to be thinking about the words that we use when we speak to our friends, adults and ourselves. 


Begin by looking at the first (non bruised apple). Think of nice things to say to the apple e.g. you are shiny, you are tasty, you are perfect, you are round, you are juicy. 


Now take the second (bruised) apple and say unkind things to the apple e.g. you are dirty, you are small, you are disgusting. 


Finally, cut the 2 apples in half. Talk about how when we say nice things to other people they feel good inside but when we say unkind things to other people they hurt on the inside (even if we can't see it).


  • Think of as many nice things that you could say about people in your family. 

  • Add to your 'I am AMAZING' jar and think of something nice to say to yourself.