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Picture 1

This week we are going to be thinking about our feelings. Some of them feel nice and others don't make our bodies feel very good. 


  • How do you know what you are feeling? 

  • What does your face look like?

  • How does your body feel inside?

  • What does your voice sound like?

  • What makes you feel like this?

How can we cope and what can we do to help ourselves when we feel:

  • excited?

  • sad?

  • angry?

  • cross?

  • grumpy?

  • scared?

  • worried? 

Some of the ideals below help us to feel calm and in control of the Monkey part of our brain in class. Give some of them a try and think about: 


  • How do they make you feel?

  • Could you use them to help you cope with your feelings? 

Picture 1 Blow away
Picture 2 Breathing ball
Picture 3 Calm jar
Picture 4 Blowing and watching bubbles

Below are some instructions/ documents that you can use to make your own calm jar or blow away pinwheel.