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For circle time this week we are going to be thinking about our bodies and how to keep them healthy. 

Begin by playing 'Simon Says' encouraging your child to find different parts of their body.


  • Can they think of any other names that we might use for the body part?

  • What do we use this body part for?

  • Why is it important? 


Can your child identify and talk about the body parts below: 

  • eye 

  • ear

  • knee

  • finger

  • wrist

  • foot

  • mouth 

  • stomach

  • eyebrow

  • arm

  • toe

  • ankle

  • tongue

  • forehead

  • chest

  • hand

  • leg

We know that we must keep our bodies healthy by eating lots of healthy food. Share the powerpoint below and discuss:


  • How else can we look after our bodies?

  • What other healthy choices can we make? 

  • Why is it important to make healthy choices?