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Good morning children. Welcome to Friday

More busy work from Sycamore Class

I thought that since you have all written some fantastic poems over the last few weeks,you might like to write one or choose one that you have already written to enter this competition. It finishes at the end of May so there's plenty of time and I think you all stand a good chance of making it into the book!

English - writing first today and then reading


For math's today children I have made a very awful video for you to follow! I thought we would make something that will mean that you can remember  this time to link with your writing and make some salt dough. I think I called it sour dough in the video incorrectly - forgive me I was nervous! If you have scales that are not digital, it would be best to use these as that is what you are meant to be practising. You need to use your measuring skills to measure out the right ingredients, make a dough, leave an imprint of your hands of all the people in your house and then bake it slowly until it is hard. It would be nice to paint your hands and then you can even ask your parents to varnish it so that it lasts even longer. You could do this activity with real bread if you wish or even cement if you want it to really last a lifetime.

Have fun and measure carefully. Apologies to parents for the mess!

If you haven't got the right materials at home or your parent can't face you doing this activity today:

Year 4  do money calculations on  MyMaths

Year 3 estimating amounts on  MyMaths

Year 2  comparing measures on  MyMaths.