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Mystery Reader

We were due to have another mystery reader visit us this morning but instead you might like to enjoy one of the stories on the link below. 

One of my favourites is 'Arnie the Doughnut' (See link below).

Comment on the class stream which story you chose and recommend it to your friends.

Arnie the Doughnut read by Chris O'Dowd

Weights and Measures

This week we have been exploring the weighing scales and have been talking about items that are heavy, light and balanced. 

Today, I challenge you to use your kitchen scales to bake a yummy treat! You will need to weigh the ingredients carefully.
Which ingredient is heaviest/ lightest? What happens to the scales? 

Remember to post photos of your bakes (and you eating them too!)

Board Games- Turn Taking

We have been working on our turn taking skills over the past few weeks. Take some time today to enjoy playing some board games with your family. Remember to be a 'Co-operate Clara' and be patient waiting for your turn. 

You might  like to also try using some encouraging kind words to help to encourage the other person as you play. For example:
"You can do it!" 
"You are really good at taking turns." 
"You are amazing at waiting for your turn". 
"Well done!"
"That was a good idea."

Calm Time

Every day after lunch, we enjoy a calm time together. You might like to listen to the audio clip below and enjoy some calm time at home. Today's calm is all about LOVE!



Bonjour!  We would normally be enjoying French with Mrs Bunting on a Friday. Instead, please click on the link below to count to 10 in French and learn how to say different animal names in French.

Learn to Count to 10 in French with Number Farm | Toddler Fun Learning


We would normally be enjoying Music with Mrs Bunting on a Friday. Instead, you might like to follow the link below and join in with keeping the beat.