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Church of England Primary School

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Activity 1

Please draw a picture of your weekend news. You might like to use some of the marks below. Remember to add lots of detail and ask your adult to scribe what you say about your picture.


Challenge: You could even challenge yourself and see if you can hear and write the first sound in each word on your picture e.g. mmm mummy, ddd daddy. 


Or you could ask your parents to write a sentence about your picture and you could copy their writing underneath! 

Activity 2


This week we are going to be exploring different letters of the alphabet. Please use marks to write some familiar letters. You can choose how to do this e.g. in flour, sand, shaving foam, using spaghetti, pipe cleaners, chalks, wax crayons or pens.


Challenge: Can you use these letters to write your name/ family or friends names/ simple words?