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The Jolly Postman delivers lots of letters in the story. Today we are going to write our own letter for the Jolly Postman to deliver. You can choose who you would like to write your letter to; one of the characters in the story, a friend, a family member, Miss Hatton or your favourite character from a different story. 

Little Acorns- Please draw a picture and make marks for a letter. You could also ask your adult to help you to write a message too. 

Big Acorns- Please write 2 super sentences in your letter. You will need to start your letter with 'Dear' and end it with your name so that they know who the letter is from. Please remember to write your words carefully so that it can be read by others. 

In your letter you might like to: 


  • Tell the person about your time at home

  • Ask the person questions that you would like to know the answer to