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Little Acorns- Today we are going to be hearing the first sound in words so you will need your listening ears again. 


Parents please help your child to work through the powerpoint sorting and grouping objects that begin with the same sound. We will be focussing on sounds h, b, f, l. 


If you can't access the powerpoint then you could use real objects from around the house beginning with the sounds h, b, f, l and grouping them. E.g. hat, horse, house/ ball, bat, bead.   

Big Acorns- We need to recap all of the high frequency words. Below are 2 lists. The orange list you should all be able to read now. You might also be able to read some of the purple list by sounding the words out and blending them together. Remember to look for any digraphs or trigraphs! 


You can choose to do any of the activities below:


  • Write the words carefully on pieces of card and stick them on the wall/ floor outside. Ask your adult to say a word and then you have to find and splat the word with a fly swatter or shoot it with a water pistol.

  • Write each word on 2 pieces of card and turn them face down. Play pairs by taking turns to turn 2 cards over to find a pair with the same word on. Read the words on the cards that you turn each time. 

  • Write each word on a hopscotch square and say the word each time you hop/ jump on it. 

  • Play high frequency word trucks on the Phonics Play website below. (The game is called 'Tricky word trucks' but if you go into the game you can then choose to read high frequency words 'HFW'  instead of just tricky words). 


Challenge: Can you think of a sentence with each word in?