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Little Acorns- For Maths today we are going to be naming and drawing shapes.


You might like to draw them carefully:

  • With your finger in cooking flour on a table

  • With a stick in mud

  • With chalks on the ground

  • In paint with a brush

  • You could even make a shape road and follow the shape with a toy car (see attached below). 



While you are drawing the shapes think about:


  • Are the lines of  the shape curved or straight?

  • How many lines do you need to draw to make the shape?

  • What do the shapes make you think of? 

  • Are any of the shapes similar/ different?

  • If you turn the shape upside down or on its side is it still the same shape? 

Picture 1

Big Acorns- For Maths today we are going to remind ourselves of 3D shapes (fat) shapes.


First share the poem below to remind yourself of some of the shape names.

Picture 1

Then go on a 3D shape hunt around your house and garden. 


  • Can you find the shapes from the shape mat or pictures below?

  • Tell an adult about the shapes you find. 

  • Are any of the shapes similar/ different?

  • Which shapes can you roll or stack?  


At the very bottom of the page is also a 3D shape bingo game if you would like to play with your family. 

Picture 1
Picture 1