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Little Acorns- For Maths today we are going to be grouping and sorting shapes. You can choose how to group  the shapes but you might like to try grouping them by: 


  • Colour

  • Size

  • Round/ straight or pointy

  • Shape name

You may have shapes that you can use from puzzles, objects in your house or you could ask your parents to print the document below to help. 

Big Acorns- For Maths today we are going to be exploring 3D (fat) shapes.


First remind yourself of the poem below about 3D shapes. If it is tricky to remember the shape names then you could add some actions to the poem. 

Then explore printing with 3D shapes into dough or paint. You could even try to make  some 3D shapes out of dough. 


Don't worry if you don't have any 3D shapes at home. You could use items from around your house e.g. apples, oranges, dice, sponges or bricks. 

  • Can you make the 3D shapes from the shape mat or pictures below? 

  • Tell an adult about the shapes you make.

  • Are any of the shapes similar/ different?

  • Which 2D shapes can you see when you print with 3D shapes?