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We are all going to be working on our numbers today so that we are really confident when counting, recognising, ordering and thinking about which number is more/ less. 

Little Acorns- For Maths today you are going to need a set of playing card. Please take out the picture cards as we don't need them today. 


Please lay the cards face down so that we can't see the number. Then choose one card and ask your adult to choose a second card. Look at the cards and decide:


  • Which card has more?

  • Which card has less?

  • If the cards have the same number on then shout 'SNAP!'


You could then try to order the cards 1-10 carefully. 

Big Acorns- Today for Maths you will need your naughty numbers (sent home in your learning pack). If you have already used them then you could use the house number document below. Or you can use your own number cards from home. You will need numbers to at least 20. 




Carefully put the numbers in order and play 'Naughty Numbers' with someone in your family. 


Naughty Numbers- Person A closes their eyes while Person B removes a number card from the number line. Person A then opens their eyes and works carefully to work out which number is missing. 


You could challenge yourself by:


  • Instead of removing a number you could switch 2 or 3 number cards around.

  • Once you have worked out the missing number you could say the number that is 1 more/ less than that number OR  2 more/ less than that number.