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Little Acorns- Today we are going to practice counting things that we cannot touch so you will need your listening ears!


You can choose to: 


  • Count actions- First choose a number. Now do that many actions to match the number e.g. jumps/ claps/ hops. 

  • Count sounds- Listen and count as your adult/ older sibling makes a number of sounds e.g. claps/ clicks/ bangs on a drum or rings on a doorbell!


Remember to count carefully and say 1 number for each action/ sound. Also remember to hold the number in your head so that you stop when you get to it! 

Big Acorns- Today we are going to carry on learning how to 'double' a number. Remember if you double it means you get the same amount again. We are going to be doing this using numicon or counters.


Follow the link below to find out how to double a number and write this in a number sentence. 

Using the documents below see if you can double the number and count to find the total (how many altogether).



You might like to also play the 'Doubles Bus' board game below. Remember to work carefully and use counters, numicon or  even your fingers to work out the answer.