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Little Acorns- Today we are going to continue exploring coins and money. Please group and sort the coins in different ways. You might like to group the coins by: 


  • colour

  • size

  • shape

Think about the following questions:


  • What is the same/ different between each coin? 

  • What pictures and patterns do you notice on the coins? 

  • What do we use money for? 

  • What other ways can we pay for things?

Big Acorns- Today we are going to find out how much each different coin is worth.


Parents please tell your child how many pennies each coin is worth. Children then please make the matching amount to go with each coin. You could use numicon or counters to do this.  


E.g. 10p = 10 numicon piece or 10 counters. 

         2p = 2 numicon piece or 2 counters.  



You could use the document below to help. This has some of the numicon number shapes on so you just need to find the matching coins to show how much they are worth. 

Challenge: Is there more than 1 way to show how much each coin is worth? E.g. 5p = 5p or 5 x 1p