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Little Acorns- Today we are going to try writing numbers carefully. We can do this by using the rhymes in the document below to help. Parents please help your child to work through the powerpoint, counting the objects on each slide to find out which number it is. They can then have a go at writing it. 


You might start by writing numbers that you recognise e.g. your age or house number. Or you might write numbers in the order that you count.  


You can choose how you want to write your the air.....using objects......using chalks....using water and paintbrushes on the floor.....

Big Acorns- Today we are going to practice sharing an amount. Please choose at least 3 of the challenge cards below and solve the sharing problem.


You will need to be a Concentrate Connie and can use counters, bricks, pasta, sweets or objects to help.


Remember that to share an amount you need to give '1  for me and 1 for you and 1 for you...'. It must always be fair!