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Activity 1


Please practice counting carefully. We don't always have to start counting from 1 and can hold a number in our head and 'count on' or 'count back'. This helps us to work quicker in maths. 


  • First choose any number (I would start with a number between 1-20)

  • Hold the number in your head e.g. 9

  • Count on (forwards) or count back (backwards) from that number e.g. 9, 10, 11, 12..... OR 9, 8,7 ,6.....


You can use the number line below or you might like to use the hundred square which helps us to count to big numbers. Remember that it is important to count slowly and carefully.


Think about:


  • What happens to the number as we count on? (It gets bigger)

  • What happens to the number as we count back? (It gets smaller)

Activity 2


Please use your Study Ladder login to access the Math's activities online.


Miss Hatton sent your parents your own login for the website at the start of Lockdown so it should be somewhere in their inbox.