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Little Acorns- Parents please talk with your child about your daily routine. Please then help them to make a timetable to show your routine at home.


What happens first? Next? Before? After? Last? What is your favourite time of the day?


You might like to use the resource below to help. 

Big Acorns- Please enjoy this story 'What's the Time Mr Wolf?' 




What's the Time Mr. Wolf?

As you watch, take note of where the clock hands (arrows) are pointing on the clock face.


Parents, please discuss 'o'clock' with your child and demonstrate how the hands move and change every hour. You might like to use the document below as a visual aid. 


Please then play 'What's the time Mr Wolf?' with your child, encouraging them to move a number of steps to match the time on the clock e.g. 1 step - 1 o'clock. 


Remember to check what the time is as the day goes on, supporting and encouraging your child to help tell the time.