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Activity 1

This week we are going to practice counting, recognising and ordering numbers by singing. 


We can do this using the songs below (which can be sung to familiar tunes). 

Activity  2

We need to recap all of the numbers that we have learnt so far. 


You can choose to do any of the activities below using either written numbers or number shapes:


  • Put number cards/ number shapes on the wall or floor outside. Ask your adult to say a number and then you have to find and splat the number with a fly swatter or shoot it with a water pistol.

  • Stick number cards or number shapes onto plastic cups/ bowling pins. Bowl a ball towards them and see if you can say which numbers/ number shapes you have knocked over.

  • Parents hide number cards or number shapes around the house or garden and encourage your child to hunt for them, saying which numbers/ number shapes they have found.  


Challenge: Can you think of a number that is more/ less than the number you have? Can you put the numbers/ number shapes in order?