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This week we are going to be learning how to add. That means putting to different amounts together and finding out 'how many' there are altogether. 

Please choose 1 of the adding activities below to enjoy: 

Activity 1- Build a Tower


How to Play


Find a dice and some building bricks


  • Roll the dice and build a tower using the matching number of bricks.

  • Roll the dice again and add the matching number of bricks to your tower. 

  • Count how many bricks there were altogether. 

Activity 2- Number Boogie


How to Play


Hide some number shapes (or different quantities) around the room.


  • Play some music and boogie to the music.

  • When the music stops find 1 hidden number shape (or quantity) and count 'how many'.

  • Play the music again and boogie a little more.

  • When the music stops find a 2nd number shape (or quantity) and count 'how many'.

  • Finally, put the 2 number shapes (or quantities) and count 'how many' there are altogether.