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Welcome back to term 5.

Sycamore Class Hard At Work

Reading and Writing

This term,  we are going to start of by reading the book Belonging by Jeannie Baker. It is one of these books that has very few words so we will be using our predicting , summarising and inference skills. You will need to be really thinking bout your reasons for your ideas. We will use it as the basis for our writing too. We are going to be thinking about how to write a letter to persuade people to do something  and write a letter to Ms Warren to give her an idea about how we can improve the school allotments  and that your idea is the best.  We will take this step by step looking a different letters first before we write our own.We will start that tomorrow as today we need to add to our diary writing about  Easter Sunday. I wonder how different yours was this year to  how you normally spend Easter Sunday. 


Math's this term is going to begin with telling the time children. The Year 3s and Year 4s will have the same PPT most of the time so watch out for the slides that are for your year group.Year 2s you will have your own. If you have any old clocks at home, they will really help you or you could make your own clock using a paper plate, some card board for hands and a split pin so you can move them.