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Look at the fantastic topic work from last week.

Circle Time

Join me for some circle time  and calm today with  some thoughts about how we can stay safe.


The weather looks like it will be better this week so you might be able to be outside for your PE. I've wondered if many of you have been running like Seb, jumping on trampolines  or doing some yoga like Aaron - did you try his work out. . If you didn't try the school games challenges, perhaps you would like to have a go this week.  You can upload how you did onto the website too  and investigate some other ideas from there.

Don't forget there is also a bit of Joe Wicks to do too .

Whatever you choose to do, just get sweaty!




This weeks geography is looking at how we grid references on maps. We are going to look at Buckland again and use digimaps. We are also going to have a go at drawing some maps of our own.


Mrs Bunting has set you some music  to do on Yumu. Log on with your details that were forwarded to you and have a good sing.


This week we are going to look at how to copy and make tables and put them into a document. I have made step by step instructions for you to follow and then you are going to find about about buildings in Buckland and note down some interesting facts for our publisher document we will make in a few weeks.


This week, you are going to carry on your work thinking about miracles. Last week, we read about some of he miracles that Jesus performed and next we will be thinking about the miracle that for Christians is an important  part of their faith- the Resurrection. You will read the different accounts from the Bible and then write some thoughts of your own.


We are going to think about nutrients this week and how we  and animals get these from the food we eat. We are going to find out about different types of nutrients and create our own healthy plate. The file was too big so I have made the PPT into a video and it is on the Sycamore home learning page.