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It is important that we continue to make the big and small muscles in our bodies strong. Have a go at the activities below over the week. 

Dough Disco

Lets make our fingers strong and have a dough disco following the link below. You will need something squishy like playdough or a sponge.

You could even help to make some playdough using Mrs Thorpe's recipe below. 

Maypole Dancing

We would normally be learning how to do Maypole dancing if we were in school. To do Maypole dancing you have to be really good at skipping! Have a look at the Maypole dancing video below (which is similar to what the Oak children do) and see if you can do some dancing and skipping of your own. 


Lets' make our fingers strong and explore using washing line pegs to: 


  • Help hang up and peg clean washing. 

  • See how many pegs you can clip onto a washing line/ piece of card before a timer runs out.


Use one hand and then repeat the activity using the other hand. Which hand is it easier to use? 

Bats and Balls

Explore using bats and balls in the garden. Can you: 


  • Balance the ball on the bat? 

  • Bounce the ball on the bat? 

  • Hit the ball with the bat?

  • Take your ball for a 'walk' by tapping it so that it rolls along the floor? Don't let it roll away from you!