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Church of England Primary School

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Today we have a mystery reader who is going to read a story to us all. 


Please follow the link below to the video centre page of the website.  


  • First watch the clues video to see if you can guess who our Mystery Reader is.

  • Then watch the reveal video. Did you guess correctly? 

  • Finally enjoy watching the story video.


Parents if you really want your child to guess who our Mystery Reader is, then please do not let them see the screen until after you have clicked on the 'clues' video. Otherwise they may see who it is on the video page!

Our Mystery Reader's story was all about Mrs Large enjoying some peace and quiet. 


What can you do at home this weekend to help your adults so that they could enjoy some quiet time too?


Perhaps you could: 


  • Help feed the pets 

  • Help with the laundry

  • Help lay the table

  • Help with the washing up/ unloading the dishwasher

  • Make a drink for your adults to enjoy in the garden

  • Make breakfast or a treat for your adults to enjoy