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Little Acorns- Today we are going to work on blending sounds together by following the link below. Turn your listening ears on and see if you can understand the word that Miss Hatton reads by blending the sounds together.

Big Acorns- We need to recap all the sounds that we have learnt in phonics so far, including the digraphs and trigraphs! You can choose any of the activities below to complete: 


  • Write each phonic sound carefully on a post it and hide them around the house or garden. Go on a phonics hunt, saying each phonic sound that you find. 

  • Write each phonic sound in chalk on the floor (or on pieces of paper). Ask your adult to say a phonic sound and then you have to find it, say it and then either jump on it or splat it.

  • Write the phonic sounds carefully on pieces of card and hang them on a washing line. Ask your adult to say a phonic sound and then you have to collect it from the washing line.

  • Write the phonic sounds carefully on pieces of card and stick them to cups or bowling pins. Roll a ball and read the phonic sounds that you knock over.  

The phonic sounds that we should now know are: m a s d t i n p g o c k u b f e l h r j v y w z q x ss zz ll ff sh ch th ng nk oo oo ay ee igh ow oo oo ar air ir or oy ou