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Little Acorns- Today you will need your listening ears as we are going to be 'Playing with Words'. To play this game we need to break words up into parts. These parts are called 'syllables'. 


 How to play:


  • You could use the pictures in the document below or find some objects from around your house/ garden.

  • Lay the objects on the floor and talk about what each of the objects are. What are they used for? Have the children have seen them before? Where? 

  • Think about how the name of the object sounds and feels as they say it.

  • Think about the syllables (parts of the word) and clap them out together as you say each word.

  • Then clap the syllables for a word without saying it and ask: What object it could be?

Big Acorns- Today we are going to use all of our phonics skills to read different sentences. You will need to remember:


  • all the phonics sounds that you have learnt

  • to sound out and blend to read each word in the sentence carefully

  • to hold the sentence in your head so that you can decide if the answer is yes/ no?