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Little Acorns- Today we are going to be hearing the first sound in words so you will need your listening ears again. 


Parents please help your child to work through the powerpoint sorting and grouping objects that begin with the same sound. We will be focussing on sounds c k, e, u, r. 


If you can't access the powerpoint then you could use real objects from around the house beginning with the sounds c k, e, u, r and grouping them. E.g. red, rug, rat/ cat, cap, can.   

Big Acorns- Today we are going to use all of our phonics skills to read words. You will need to remember:


  • all the phonics sounds that you have learnt

  • to sound out and blend to read each word carefully

  • to decide if it is a real word or silly word

  • to think of a sentence with the word in 

Please visit the phonics play website below and play one of the games below. You might like to work on the sounds or words that you find trickiest.


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