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 As it is the end of the year, we would normally be busy doing things like whole school trips, watching a movie, doing quizzes and having the odd extra PE session. I have tried to give you some different ideas this week to help us wind down but still enjoy our learning.

Art . This is a lovely outside activity with chalk but you could use big pieces of paper or even cloth and nature for the same idea

Movie Time 

For Thursday and Fridays English I have asked you to watch a video that has a Victorian link. You could watch Oliver Twist (the musical is very good and you could sing along), you could try Dr Dolittle for something lighthearted or even Alice in Wonderland. There is a film review sheet  too.  


Bonjour Sycamore and Oak Class

It’s the last week of term so I thought you could have some fun by exploring the Euroclub French website yourselves this week. There are lots of fun activities and interesting facts. It’s a great way to keep learning French over the summer holidays too!

I am looking forward to our French lessons when we all get back to school in September.

Bonnes vacances! (Can you work out what this means?)

Mme Bunting

Summer learning.  

 Just in case you haven't had enough of home learning and because we often give you something to do over the summer  you might be interested in these  summer maths challenges. There are lots to choose from and they are similar to what we do in class. You can recap what we have done this year or have a challenge with some of the work from the next year group  though if you want to do that stay away from the fractions!


You might also liek to do the reading challenge  at the local libraries .


Try something you haven't done yet which would be to  create a dance routine or exercise routine via facetime or zoom with a friend . You could film it and send it me or just have lots of fun doing it . Become the next Joe Wicks!

ICT. Remember we learnt how to use hyperlinks? You can practise this skill with this activity.