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On this page, you will find a selection of topic work that you can choose to do throughout the week.


In science this term, we will be learning about plants. We will be learning about different types of plants. We will learn about what plants need to survive and try and grow our own plants. We will also learn the names of different parts of a plant. 

You should receive some post this week containing sunflower seeds, with the letter I have attached.

For Science this week, could you plant your sunflower seeds? 

Remember, you will need to water them to help them to grow!


In geography this term, we will be recapping the continents and oceans. We will be learning about the climate and cultures of different countries around the world. This week, to help you remember all of the continents and oceans, could you make your own globe? 



It is really important to stay fit and healthy, by keeping active while at home will make us feel good and keep us healthy. 

There are many ways in which you can keep active.


Joe Wicks is helping us with that

For those of us that like to dance Just Dance has online videos on youtube so you can dance yourself fit without the Wii.

The BBC also has some super movers ideas for you to check out too.

If you would rather be out in the garden, you could play cricket or footbal, create an obstacle course, bounce on your trampoline, make up your own gymnastic routine or ride on your bike. 

In school, we would have been doing Athletics this term, you could set up you own mini olympics including some aiming and throwing, jumping and running. 


In History this term, we will be learning about two significant individuals, Queen Elizabeth I and William Shakespeare. 

This week, you could order significant Kings and Queens of Britain. As a challenge, you could research and find out some facts about Queen Elizabeth I. 




Bonjour Beech, 


This week, we are going to listen to one of our favourite stories.... but in French!

It is good to listen to a French person talking, even if we can't understand all of the words that they are saying. I would like you to pause the video when the pictures of the fruit are on the screen and see if you can count the fruit in French. Can you spot any other words that you already know?

To help with your counting in French, I have added another two videos so that you can practise lots before we come back to school.

Your challenge: Count to 20 without any help!

Counting 1-10

Counting 1-20


Have fun!


Madame Bunting