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Mrs Bunting has sent this link for you for you which she thinks you might really like. She thinks they would make a great alternative to computer games!



This term we are going to be thinking about animals and humans . We will be thinking about the different  types of animals today and  investigate what nutrients are. Later on in the term we will look at teeth , muscles and  the skeleton to really understand how human  and animal bodies work.


This term we are going to be thinking about miracles in RE. We have already learnt about some places where miracles are said to have happened ,for example Lourdes, but now we'll learn about what miracles Jesus performed. Remember there are no right or wrong answers or beliefs. Today, we are thinking about what we understand about the word miracle, how we use it and what we think a miracle in our lives might be.

Let's investigate miracles in RE this term


This term, we are going to be looking at maps  and learning about Buckland and Its surrounding area.We will think about where it sits in counties and the country and what transport links it has?We are going to use a new website called We are going to look at our area, investigate symbols and routes on maps and make our own maps  over the next few weeks. I have made a video that helps you  use it  and also put how on the PPT. Enjoy investigating the local roads and towns around Buckland.


It's really important at the moment that we don't become couch or computer potatoes so I'd like you to think about how much you are moving about. Lots of you have a Fitbit or similar watch so keep an eye on how many steps you are doing a day. Joe Wicks is helping us with that

For those of us that like to dance Just Dance has online videos on youtube so you can dance yourself fit without the Wii.The BBC also has some super movers ideas for you to check out too.

Remember its also important to be outside too. Play cricket in the garden ( my family's favourite), jump on those trampolines, practice your gymnastics or  create your own assault course or circuit training in your garden. Have fun getting sweaty!