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We continue with our Circle Time theme 'Relationships' this week. Today's lesson is based on staying safe in an online community; a particular important theme as we are spending a lot of our time learning online. 
We shall start our Topic theme looking at Kings and Queens from the Tudor era. Your main activity will involve creating a timeline of these Kings and Queens. If you finish early, I would then like you to find out more about a particular King or Queen from the Tudor era.

Please do as much PE as possible this week. It is important we stay fit and healthy whilst we are unable to play with our friends. Below are a list of activities which you could try:

Joe Wicks:

Yoga with Adriene: 

Dancing with Oti Mabuse:


You may also want to play some games in the garden (Tennis, Cricket, Rounders), go for a run where you live or go on a bike ride. The list is endless!

Our final lesson on Light is an assessment to see how much you know. Answers are included.
This week, we shall start our new Art theme which is collages. I would like you to view Becky Morgan's work. Many of her pieces involve collages. Your activity is to create a collage of a Tudor King or Queen. We will continue with this lesson next week so plan carefully what you will need and how you are going to achieve a great piece of Art work. Be creative and use your imagination!
Although the weather is not expecting to be as great this week as last weekend, please do a find a nice space to read your own book. If the weather is not good, I like to have a biscuit with my cup of tea (or hot chocolate) and find a peaceful, cosy space to read.
Mrs Bunting has another fun French activity for you to try this week.

The final activity on this page is all about skills I would like you to develop. This is an ongoing activity so there is no deadline for this. At some point in your life, you will probably need to do the 50 skills I have attached so the free time you have at home is a great time to learn something new. For some activities, you may/will need help from an adult. I don't want anyone causing harm to themselves or others!!

I love the saying "Going to school is what you DO, not WHO you are."