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You've all been working really hard by the look of it not to become couch or computer potatoes You've been doing lots of different things which I thought I'd share so that you can all have a go at something new this week .

Lots of you have been running ( well done to Seb  for his personal best ), some of you have been scooting (great job Hazel) and I know lots of you have been "cutting some great shapes" on the dance floor(well done Isla) with If you like to dance, you could also try Aaron has been busy making his own brilliant yoga video . Maybe you could do your own  or just have a go at following Aaron's? I  think Joe is still a favourite which some you are enjoying  too .

The school games website is also getting challenges which is 

Remember it doesn't matter what you choose to do as long as you keep moving. Pick something different to do this week ! One of the ideas above or play cricket in the garden( my family's favourite), jump on those trampolines, practice your gymnastics or  create your own assault course or circuit training in your garden. Have fun getting sweaty! 

Circle time

We are thinking about stereotypes this week and so you will be having lots of discussions about what you and your family think. Enjoy doing some calm time too!


Last week, we looked at making collages with  different types of paper. This week, I would like you to look at  using different materials both natural and man made. There are some great ideas for you to choose from on the PPT.


We are going to investigate Buckland and do some research this week. There are lots of ideas on how to make searches better and what happens when you search through a search engine. There are also some refreshers on how to copy and paste. Enjoy finding out about our village.


After learning about what a miracle is last week, now we are going to watch lots of clips about the miracles that Jesus performed. I want you to think really carefully when watching these about how people may need faith to believe that they really happened. People who don't believe are often called sceptics. You need to think carefully about what you think- remember there are no wrong answers or right answers only opinions.


This week, we are going to continue our work on digimaps which I heard that lots of you enjoyed. We are going to think about scale so it might be fun to look at any maps that you have at home and investigate what scale they are. You will also think about urban areas and rural areas and what the advantages are of living and working in each.


Bonjour Sycamore

I hope that you all had an amazing Easter and are enjoying getting back to some school work!

Today you are going to do some work on days of the week in French - you have a short video to watch which you can join in with to practise your pronunciation. There’s a game to play too!

To help you to remember the days of the week, listen to this song and try to sing along!

Have fun!

Mme Bunting