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There are several parts to the homework expectations for Sycamore in term 2. If you have any questions about them please feel free to contact me.


All children are expected to do 6 reads a week. The children have been given a bookmark and this should be used to write  new words that they come across in their reading. Fluent readers may read to themselves as well as to an adult. We ask parents to hear children as much as is possible but recognize that as children become fluent they may wish to read to themselves as well as out loud to an adult. All children should bring their books into school each day. They choose from quite a wide band of books (until  they are allowed to choose freely after a discussion with myself) and we have discussed how to recognise if a book is too difficult or easy.


Spelling Practice

Children will have spellings to learn each week. In order to make this less boring and such a chore I have given the children the option of doing them in different ways each week. These examples are stuck into their homework books and includes using colours, shapes, crosswords and sparkly pens. If your child prefers look, cover, write, check then, of course, they can use that method. The children should write each word 3 times. Children learn their spellings best over time rather than all in one night so writing them all once over three nights is a better method of learning them. They do start quite  simply  but then become more difficult as term progresses. If your child does spelling tutor, they should just learn the starred ones and their spelling tutor words, everyone else should learn all 10.


Times tables

Each week the children will have times tables sheet in their book. Everyone will start with either the 6 or 3s. I will give the children a quick out of order test on a Monday in the back of their book and once they have all 12 correct they can move onto the next table. Having to count on fingers and knowing them in order doesn't count as knowing them. Mymaths and Maths Rocks have lots of good games to practice them.


Choice homework

Each week the children choose a different activity from their sheet and shade it in  as a record. Children should choose from a different category each week until they have done one from each. MyMaths has been set on their individual account.