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Update for parents: We are having trouble connecting to WiFi and so cannot post photographs - we will try to do this tomorrow. The children are all safe and settled in bed (10pm).

Sycamore Class have had a super day today. We arrived at Dorchester on time and had lunch at the Corn Exchange. We were met by Alan, the celt, who was able to take us around the Roman domus and show us their hypocausts and mosaic floor. Nieve did a fantastic job of being the hot air in the hypocaust. We then made our way to Maiden Castle where, after some fuss with wellies and cases, we marched up the hill to investigate how it might have been attacked. The children loved walking on the walls and ,after investigating the pond and the Roman temple, launched an attack on the staff. 

We arrived at Hooke Court just before tea and then had an evening activity learning about the life of a Roman soldier. Carrying logs, throwing weapons and hurling hot rocks. All the children are settled and hopefully set up for a good night. 

After a good nIghts sleep, the children started the day with a breakfast of cereal, toast and beans and then had a short play outside. We were met by Alan again before going off to his Celtic round house to learn about making Roman jewellery and weaving. Next,we had a short break and snack followed by Roman writing and pottery.This afternoon,  we are doing Roman cooking and learning how to march like the Roman army. 

This afternoon has been full of laughter. The children first made some bread, both sweet and savoury, getting their hands caked in dough and dates. Then we learnt all about how to be a Roman soldier; how to march, make formations and how to build a bridge. Watching the children try to work out their left and right and improve as the gladiator drilled them was fantastic. We used our smallest children as test subjects to make sure that they were strong.


The children have had a good night and have packed and stripped their beds. This morning, we will be practising our nental maths at the shop and then investigate onegars and aqueducts. We will try to leave by 1.00. Please be aware your children are very tired but also very happy.