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Good morning! 


I have seen some great work this week, well done!


Tomorrow we will be having a sharing assembly - if there is any work that you are really proud of or have done independently please send it to me and I will choose two people who I am really impressed with! :)


Have a great day,


Mrs Langlay-Smith 

Year 1 Phonics

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Each day, you should have a go at the speed sounds. 

Today we are comparing the sounds ow and ou. These are two sounds that sound the same but are spelt differently. 

Today you have a look cover write check activity for spelling words that have the prefix de or dis. Have a look through all your words and make sure you know what they all mean. How many different sounds can you spot?

We have followed the determined hedgehog on his mission to cross the road. Today we will read chapter 4 where he finds another crossing with a green man. Today you will be predicting whether he will cross the road safely when the green man shows. Your target is to write 5 sentences. Year 2s should be aiming for 7 - 10 sentences and adding in adjectives to describe what is happening and how Max is feeling. 

For maths today, we will be using our addition to help us compare which sum is bigger. We will be using < >  = signs to compare. This is something new that the children have not done before, try to complete at least 5 questions :).
Each week, the children will be given a picture to look at. There are some questions for the children to answer, this could be written or as a discussion. This helps the children with their understanding of pictures and texts.