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Good morning children, happy Thursday,

I spent the day with Isla and Emily Cullinan yesterday which was lovely and I had masses of pictures and work from you which made me smile. I've added lots for you to see down the page. I really liked looking at your Prezis on Alfred the Great. Did you prefer it to  making PPTs?


 Don't forget children that you can be doing some daily times table practising on or you can go onto Mymaths games for a math's warm up! Try Mymaths Beat the Clock game and practice one of their number games. The adding decimals would be good for year 4s or the Sky solver game might be good for year 3s. 


I hope you are enjoying the poems this week. We are thinking about free verse poetry today and you will definitely need your thesaurus'. Mrs Cox's spellers please don't forget to keep doing your spelling tutor if you can and everyone else have a quick check that you can do this weeks spellings.


I did plan lots for yesterday but it looks like you enjoyed it. Parents, please feel free to adjust what I plan each day. It can be hard to judge how long things will take. Its important to have lots of fun too


Enjoy your work today girls and boys.


Mrs Rossie




Some more pictures of our home learners working hard. Super job everyone!

Have a look at some of the great work that children have been doing.

Music and Science - Sorry the link on the Science has become unavailable since yesterday! Try this one instead