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Some lovely work from this week

Good morning children, 

I hope you are all well and have been enjoying your time at home. I hope that you are managing to keep in touch with each other through video links or chats. It would be nice perhaps to some of the work together.


You have lots of choice with your last piece of poetry today so choose the type of poem that you have enjoyed the most and make an Easter themed one. Mrs Bunting has some french and music ideas for you to do too. 

Have a lovely day and take care.

Mrs Rossie

Year 4 Maths 

Please start off with some  times table checker  today. to warm yourself up.

Please go onto your MyMaths log in and do the year 4 calculating money lesson and homework that I have allocated you. If you find it tricky, use a number line to help you or calculate on a piece of paper next to you. Remember if you don't log in, I can't see it!


Year 2 Maths


Please start off with some times table checker  today. to warm yourself up.

I would like you to continue with your problem solving today. Sometimes problems get hidden in words so you have to work out which words are the most important. You can use RUCSAC to  help you do that. These problems are just like that. Read the questions carefully and look for the words that tell you whether to multiply or divide. You are going to need those times tables you practised now.

Music from Mrs Bunting

Hi Sycamore

I hope that you enjoyed using Yumu last week - this week I have put two assignments online for you, your main assignment is task 5 but I added Task 6 as an extra if you want to do it - it is a Gospel Choir singing ‘Lean on Me’ which I thought you might like to listen to, it sounds amazing and is a new genre for you to add to those that you already know.

As a challenge - in your books, list as many genres of music that you can think of….

Have a lovely Easter - I shall be watching the frog spawn in the pond behind my garden, I wonder if there will be frogs by Easter??

French From Mrs Bunting 

Salut Sycamore - Ça va?

I hope that you all got on well with your french colours song - today we are going to learn the names of ten types of fruit and then use the colours that we have learnt to describe the fruit.


Please start by watching this video - try and pronounce the fruit names just as Alexa does, can you make the french ‘rrr’ sound? It’s very tricky! Watch the video a few times until you can remember the names then test yourself at the end.


wotd:          est  =  is (usually pronounced ‘ay’)

                     et   =  and (also pronounced ‘ay’)

Please write these in your book.

As a challenge, I would now like you to replay the video but without the sound. When a new fruit comes on the screen, write a short sentence in your book to describe the fruit and its colour - here is an example:

Un abricot est orange  =  An apricot is orange

If the fruit has two colours, use the word ‘et’ (and) to describe it using two colours. For example:

A tomato is red and green

Be careful!!! Masculine and feminine adjectives sometimes have different endings:

Un abricot  =  masculine   Une banane  =  feminine

Therefore the ending of the colour may change, I have listed the way you write colours for masculine and feminine fruits in this table: