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Good morning children,


I hope you have all had a great week so far and are ready for some more learning.


Don't forget to try the Topic section as well as the English and Maths activities. I was slightly disappointed that a small minority of you didn't send me your diary entries or submit them on Teams. Hopefully, I will see them too.


Thank you to those of you that have been sending me pictures of your work. I hope you have noticed that I keep adding to the pictures every day - we are nearly at 100 pages of children's work! It's also nice to send pictures of you working; that way your friends can see you.


Take care and enjoy the day

Mr Stevens

Today in English, we are going to be polishing our work. Use the ideas from your friends as well as the greater depth example that has been used and see if you can improve your work. Most of you will need to re-type or re-write your work. We will read another chapter in Reading today from the book Treason.
It's our last day on Statistics. I would like you to choose the area(s) that you have found challenging and have a go on MyMaths. For those of you that would like a challenge, try the activities for the year above. Tomorrow, you will have an assessment just on Statistics so use today as an opportunity to make sure you know how to solve line graphs, pie charts and other statistical data forms that we have looked at in the past 2 weeks.