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Good morning Beech! 


I hope that you have a lovely day and enjoy a long weekend with your family! :)


Mrs Langlay-Smith

Today in phonics we are learning the different igh sounds - igh, ie, i-e and i.
Today's spellings are adding the prefix re. 



Today in English I would like you to finish off your road safety posters. 


If you have done that and would like something else, I have added a selection of VE day activities. 


There is a PowerPoint to explain VE day, you could create a timeline, do a word search, make a spitfire, write a message as if you were a solider, complete a reading comprehension or do a VE day colouring. 



In maths today, I have chosen a selection of activities to consolidate this weeks learning. Please choose the activity that will help you the most. 



Today is reading for pleasure smiley