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Each year we make a special book for the year 6s. The children write a letter to 2 or 3 of the year 6s. It would be great if you could do this and send them to Mr Stevens. 
This week in circle time, we are looking at what makes boys and girls different. This circle time should be done with an adult and it gives you the opportunity to talk about the scientific terminology of both female and male body parts as well as address genderstereo types. This is from lesson four of the jigsaw plan that was sent out to you in week 2. 



For PE as always I would like you to try and be active everyday! This could be going on a bike ride, playing some team games with your family, going for a walk or taking part in Joe Wicks PE lessons every morning!  Also have some lessons that you could try too.



This term, we will be continuing with coding. You can continue to use the

and try out year 2 unit 2b. 

Login is: 





Or there is scratch junior that can be downloaded onto a tablet. The children have used this in school. Can you create an island with some treasure that moves?

I have added some videos onto the video centre on how to work scratch. 

In science this week, we are on the look out for different trees. We will also be learning the different between evergreen and deciduous trees. 
This week, we are learning about the islands around the UK. 



For DT this week and next, you can be making your island. You could choose to do this with cardboard boxes or papier mache. Once you have made your island, don't forget to paint and decorate it with all the different features. 

Each week, Mrs Bunting will update the Charanga website so that you have a new lesson to follow.