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This weeks circle time is recognise that every time we learn something new, we grow a little bit more no matter how old we are. 



For PE as always I would like you to try and be active everyday! This could be going on a bike ride, playing some team games with your family, going for a walk or taking part in Joe Wicks PE lessons every morning!  Also have some lessons that you could try too.

In science this week, we have a two part lesson. Part one is about sorting evergreen and deciduous trees and part two is about labelling the parts of trees. 
We have moved on for geography to history. We are learning about how seaside holidays have changed over time. This is a reading comprehension activity. 



For DT this week, you can continue to make your island. You could choose to do this with cardboard boxes or papier mache. Once you have made your island, don't forget to paint and decorate it with all the different features. 

In RE this week, we are going to continue to learn about Shabbat. 
Each week, Mrs Bunting will update the Charanga website so that you have a new lesson to follow. 



Bonjour Acorn and Beech


I hope that you all had a lovely weekend - this week Barnaby Bear is going to Brittany, a place in France, on a ferry. A ferry is a huge ship which you can drive a car onto so that you have your car when you get to France!

After that, there is a new song for you to sing along with.


Have fun!


Madame Bunting