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Circle Time

Don't forget to have some calm this week and some circle time too.


You have done some absolutely amazing art these last few weeks. This week we are going to be looking at some overlapping techniques and what that does to add depth to our work . We are then going to think about a picture we can create and create juts the background so that we can  put things over it next week.


Our science work will be thinking about how we actually get our nutrients into our body this week. We know that our digestive system does that  and we will be starting with thinking about your teeth and animals teeth. How are they similar and different?


In geography this week you are going to be looking at key buildings around Buckland and Faringdon and then using digimaps to work out a route.You can even measure it and work out the longest and shortest route you could take to visit them all.


We are going to be learning  some new skills this week about grouping objects and how to add and format tables. Enjoy!


This week in RE I want you to think about "I wonder...." questions about the miracles we have thought about. You can be  a sceptic or you can be a believer or somewhere in between. Just do some "wondering".


Last week I saw quite a few pictures of you exercising . Leo  and Niamh were on their trampolines   and Josh was doing archery in his garden. I know Billy is going to be running with his parents  too. Are you still doing Joe  Wicks  and have you given Aaron's yoga a go yet? It would be good this week to set yourself a challenge that uses your motor skills and accuracy. Can you  throw and catch for 30  goes without dropping it? Can you do some speed challenges. How many laps of the garden can you do in 3 minutes ?


Bonjour Sycamore

Today we are going to start a new topic in French - telling the time. It can be quite tricky so we will work on it gradually. The 24 hour clock is used frequently in France so you are going to start by revising numbers 1 to 60, the video goes up to 100 so you can choose whether to keep going or stop at 60 for now!


It’s important to know how to write the numbers too so have a go at the worksheet to help