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Circle Time

This week we are going to be thinking about special people who help us that we dont know.  Enjoy your calm time too.


In ICT this week, you are learning about adding shapes into a document and then you will begin your  tourist leaflet all about Buckland and out local area. I have given you some examples of what we want it to look like.


 There will be lots of good weather this week so make sure you egt out and about like Seb with his running , Nieve  with her cycling and Leo with his bouncing ona trmaplone . remmeber you can also do JoeWicks:, try some Yoga with Adriene:   or ven some dancing   with Oti Mabuse: Just get out and get sweaty. 

French  from Mrs Bunting 

I  hope that you all got on well with bigger numbers last week, this week we are going to watch a video which will help you to start to tell the time in French.



I would now like you to practise by drawing six clock faces  -  try say what the time is in the morning  and afternoon / evening for each. You will need the 24 hour clock for the afternoon and evening times. Only draw o’clock times please, we will work on past and to times later on.

For example:

Il est use heure. (In the morning)

Il est treize here’s. (In the afternoon)

Have fun!

Madame Bunting


RE this week is all about thinking about what you think about miracles. Do they still happen today?Do they only happen in Christianity? Did they happen in the Bible as it says? You decide what you think and  share it with me and your parents.


In science this week you are going to do an investigation . You will need some eggs, some  coke or similar , juice and squash, milk and water.


Lots of you really enjoyed doing your background last week . This week we are going to be layering up our work to do the foreground.


 I have planned 2 lessons in geography just because some of you seem to be finishing very early with your work but don't worry too much if you  don't have time to do both. One is making a  route and  is about collecting data and using our bar chart skills to make a bar chart to  show our results.