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Bonjour Sycamore

It’s the last of our lessons where we learn about France this week - read Facts About France Part 3 and then see how many questions that you can answer in the ‘Teaching Resources Section’.



Now time to try another French song!

You should be able to translate most of the words in the song....what do you think ‘Touchez’ means? (Clue: the correct English word is hidden in the French word).

Have fun!

Madame Bunting 

Science - do the activity on the PPT and then enjoy a quiz at the end of your work


 Are you still keeping really active ? Are you running like Seb, canoeing like Leo , performing gymnastics like Emily and Ruby or swimming like Aaron?  Try and get outside for some of your PE this week . How puffed can you get. Try taking your heart rate doing different exercises and see which one has the biggest effect on your heart rate. Don't forget to warm up and cool down though.

These websites have lots of good ideas  and  learning videos for you to do

Or try some connect 4  work  for PE

Or  even some PE bingo


For the rest of term I would like you to do some coding. You can log on at home  with

Login is: 




 Please  pick up from where you got  last time we did this.