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Tuesday 21st April hello.mp3


If we were at school yesterday, we would normally have had our big spelling test where we test your 40/45 words  and I'm sure you are very sorry to have missed that. We will save that one up for when we return to school! Today can you ask your parents to test you on the words from before Easter  and then have a go at the new spellings. In reading, we are using our inference skills and being eagle eyed  with our book Belonging. Look really carefully at the slides with the pictures on. We will see how the garden and the girl changes over time. We are going to think about our environment with writing later on the week and so will also recap some paragraph work.  


We are going to carry on with time today. If you have a clock that you can move the hands on it will really help  you in the next few lessons. Perhaps you could have a go at making one if you haven't  with a paper plate and some cardboard moving hands.