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Happy Wednesday everyone.

More pictures of you being busy!

 Today, I am in school with the key worker's children so I may not be able to answer my emails quickly. Please be patient with me! Thank you!

English. Some of you did some of these types of poems with me in writing club and really enjoyed them.

Year 2 Maths. 

Today would be a good day for you to do the reasoning paper quiz that I gave you. Remember to read the questions carefully yourself. You must do it on your own though your parent can read the question to you if you are unsure.This REALLY helps much more than you might think. Please make sure that you show all of your working out: it stops you making silly counting mistakes. Parents please feel free to mark these with the children. You can just Google the answer sheets.

If your concentration isn't up tot his today (parents please judge this, you know your child best)  or  you can't find the paper (or haven't got one), then please do the MyMaths that is allocated on your account.


Today would a good day for you to finish off any sewing. Lots of you finished this last week but for those that didn't you need to add loose running stitches around the top of your purse so that you can pull it tight to close it. Follow the instructions here https://youtube/7C1g7I0NIM0 but don't put a knot in it and leave the 2 ends long so you can tie the log threads together. Now, write a short evaluation of your work. I gave you the sheet but I will attach it here too. Some of you could put the picture of your purse on it or draw it. Have fun !


Don' t forget to choose an activity from Mrs Gildersleeves prayer walk on Monday's page. 

DT evaluation sheet