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Good morning! 


There have been lots of lovely pictures through of you doing some amazing work! Well done! :)


Here is your work for today.


Have a great day! 


Mrs Langlay-Smith

Good morning! For phonics today, I have created a short video lesson for you to watch and follow. Once you have watched it there is an activity for you to do. I have also attached the answers so you can check if you are right! :)


Link to the video:

Today we will be building on the punctuation we used yesterday as well as using commas in a list to punctuated some sentences. 
Today in English, we are going to read chapter 3 of the Hodgeheg. Max gets his words muddled up and we are going to use our knowledge of sentences to try and help him out. 

Today, we will be using our knowledge of numbers up to 100 to find 1 more, 1 less, 10 more and 10 less than a number. 

You may want to use your hundred squares today.


For reading today, I have chosen a comprehension activity to do. Year 2s if you have your SAT papers to finish you can continue with those. Year 1s if you would like a challenge, have a go at the year 2 comprehension!