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Good morning children,


I hope you are all well. Today, we are exactly half way through term 5. This school year has gone incredibly quickly!


Thank you for sending me pictures of your work. We have so many pictures of you working (with you or without you in the shot) on the Oak class page. Keep sending them to me and then I can add them onto the website. It's nice for your friends to see how you are working away from school.


Don't forget to try the Topic activities. Some of you will have noticed there are no activities on Friday. This is because it's VE Day.


Finally, if you would like to arrange a discussion on Teams to talk to me this week, please let me know via email. You can discuss anything with me, just like you would in the classroom. I already have a few of you who have taken up this offer since Ms Warren announced this on last Friday's newsletter.


Enjoy today, have fun and stay safe.

From Mr Stevens smiley

Today's activity is based on reading different persuasive texts. Look at the features of persuasive writing before comparing the text. Persuasive writing is different to argumentative writing - which you did fantastically well in term 3 when debating whether the Elgin marbles should return to Greece or not.
Today's Maths theme is based on Sequences. We are only doing one lesson on this as I believe it is a simple skill to pick-up despite it being an expectation for all year 5/6 children to learn. Remember to challenge yourself.