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This week we will be writing our weekend news in school with Miss Hatton. 

Instead we are going to do some writing all about the Year 6 Oak Children who will be starting in big school after the Summer holidays. 


Every year, the children in school contribute to individual leaving books that we make for each Year 6 child. Mr Stevens has asked all of the Big Acorns to write something to put in one of the books. Parents, please support your child to do some careful writing, it is such a special thing for the Year 6 children to have as a memory of their time at Buckland and all of the children. 


Please choose 1 Year 6 child to write about. You might choose someone who has been your Computer buddy, special lunchtime helper or someone who has been kind or made you laugh. 


You could draw a picture of you and the Year 6 child and then write a sentence about what you like about that person/ why you might miss them. You can either scan the picture and writing or type the writing on the computer.  


Please send any work directly to Mr Stevens' by 10th July:


Many thanks, I know the Year 6 children will LOVE reading your work. 


Year 6 Children are: Immy, Phoebe, Ava, Ella, Violet, Ami, Niamh, Ben, Henry, Zack, Alec, Archie and Thomas.